A brand new piece of massdestruction. According to its musical and visual style this album is all about losing your mind. If you’re up for some nice music you can relax to, get the hell away, otherwise give it a shot.

A lot harder than wrecked, this record went off like a rocket, getting us on big stages all over Europe, songs like "Speed"

"Alive" or "Playing With Fire" made loads of folks jumping, dancing, growling along and freaking out, and thanks to being available as a free download, Borne has its henchmen all over the world. Admittedly there are people claiming it sounds like shit. And it wasn't actually positively reviewed by critics, not even slightly to be honest. We're afraid you've got to click the damn button and make up your own mind. In any case, the Artwork by Mottla Art is one of the most stunning things ever drawn in the history of men.

Our second Longplayer W.W.A.S.D.G.A.F., was recorded in Italy in 2008. Featuring "Parasites" and "Pornstar"

a cover of LA based Streetpunk veterans "Bonecrusher". By time of its release this record was claimed by critics to set a new score for Austrian punk rock. We had an amazing time producing it, and we still see people freaking out to those songs. The artwork by Mr. Hellbound catches as well.